(Insert Clever Title Here)
I'm Anna.

221 months old.

Jesus Freak.

New Yorker. But not the city.

I like my dog more than I like people.

Whovian. Sherlock. Avengers. Supernatural. Harry Potter. Hannibal.

That's all.

Be my friend.

Spent 5 hours deep cleaning a giant church this morning.
Just as we finish up and are ready to get back home, they say “hey, we’ve got 200 deaf kids coming over. Entertain then for the next few hours.”
Lord, imma need a heck of a lot of patience. And maybe a supernatural recharge of energy.

Tumblr friends,
I’m still alive and I still exist. But I’m in Africa right now and will be until May15, and consequently won’t have any wifi while during said time.
Don’t forget about me! I will return! And I’ll go right back to spending my days scrolling through your bad jokes and ridiculous tv obsessions.
I love you.



what if augustus and hazel’s couple quote was “Aight? Aight.”

i fell in love the way u fall asleep. slow then mad quick u feel


sleep is for the people without internet access

"Live on coffee and flowers. Try not to worry what the weather will be."


do people in nudist colonies send nudes or do they just call them selfies